Heading South


Our plan was to head out early on the Monday, but a major storm hit southern Ontario coming up from Texas. It brought blowing snow, freezing temperatures and threats of freezing rain. We hadn’t seen weather like this up to this point in December. We left Wasaga Beach December 29th in freezing rain, slush and snow covered roads. The temperature was -1 C.   By the time we hit Hwy 401 the temperatures were above zero and it had turned to plain rain. We crossed into Detroit, Michigan over the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario with ease and no problems at the border. We took I75 through Ohio and into Kentucky picking up I71 at Cincinnati. Our first stop for the night was in Louisville, Kentucky at a Pilot gas station sleeping among the truckers. Besides our first night on the road as RVer’s, it would be our first night sleeping in our trailer or winter home!!

When we left the Pilot gas station 4C outside. Sleeping at the truck stop was loud but fun!! Took I71 to I65 going through Nashville, Tennessee. We did not stop this trip in Nashville. We are hoping to do a Nashville trip at another time in warmer weather or maybe on the way home if the weather is warmer. At Birmingham, Alabama we took I20 through Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Meridan, Mississippi. In Hattiesburg, Mississippi we stayed in a Walmart parking lot overnight. I was a little worried staying in the Walmart as there was no other RV’s staying with us. We also witnessed on the the way out of Walmart an arrest between a woman and the police. Slept well with no worries.  We left the next day heading to New Orleans.


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