Bourbon Street, New Orleans!!!

We left Walmart at 8:15 am. to head to meet Steve’s brother and his wife who were RVing as well and staying at a RV park in downtown New Orleans, Louisianna. Our mileage when we started out was 91275. New Orleans would be a very busy place as it was New Year’s Eve and one of the top six places to go for celebrating. There was also a College Football game between Ole Miss and Oklahoma state scheduled for New Years Day as well. New Orleans was packed!! We had prebooked Pelican RV Park just outside of New Orleans. Up until this point and into New Orleans we had great driving with not too much traffic. Upon arriving at the RV Park we realized we had booked it in an unsafe area (that was why there was availability). We quickly cancelled our reservations and decided to head out of town. The problem was the park was located right off the highway in a busy area with no room to turn the 5th wheel around and with our lack of experience this was a problem. A nice gentleman seeing our predicament escorted us to the interstate so we could get out of town. We called a head to Poche Plantation RV Park in Convent, Mississippi in the middle of cajun country to see about availability. It took us awhile to get there as we had no idea where we were going but it was lovely. It was located about 45 minutes west of New Orleans and is across from the Mississippi River. We booked for three nights in this historical park which was right in the middle of Plantation Country in Mississippi. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Poche Plantation RV Resort

After missing all the New Years Eve action in New Orleans we decided to head there for New Years Day. Our mileage today was 91585 before heading to New Orleans. New Orleans was fantastic. We hooked up with Steve’s brother Peter and his wife Patricia to explore New Orleans. They had been part of the festivities the night before and knew the best things to show us. We toured the French Quarter and checked our Bourbon Street. New Orleans doesn’t have a law against drinking in the streets and we enjoyed a nice pint of beer as we walked around. We ate lunch in a lovely restaurant and had gumbo with poor boy shrimp sandwiches and Bloody Mary’s. It was delicious at Frank’s Restaurant on Decatur Street. Pete and Patricia were staying in an RV park that was right on the end of the French Quarter called French Quarter RV Resort. They had been there for the week, because of New Years it was booked solid. We headed back to Poche Plantation later that afternoon. At 3 in the afternoon the college football game between Ole Miss and Oklahoma was to begin so the city and streets were crowded. It was amazing and I would love to go back to expore again.


On the 2nd of January we decided to take our bikes and follow the bike path that followed the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is a booming industry in this area and there were ships and tugboats and all sorts of activity on the river. It was interesting to watch as I hadn’t seen this kind of industry up our way. As we rode our bikes we came upon the most beautiful oak trees that wind their way around the St. James Historic parish. The trees were massive in size and height . They formed two rows which brought you to a wonderful nativity scene and then across the street is Manresa House of Retreats which is a Jesuit Retreat centre in Louisiana. It is a130 acre campus that used to belong to Jefferson College. The facility dates back to the early 19th century and as Jefferson College, it was a private school to educate the sons of plantation owners. It was later purchased in 1931 as a retreat centre for men. While we were there, a retreat was in session so they were not hosting visitors.

At noon Pete and Patricia joined us and we went to visit Oak Valley Plantation. It was across the Mississippi River almost perpendicular to Poche Plantation. Convent is right in the middle of two bridges which take you to the opposite side of the Mississippi River and is the only way to the west side of the river. Oak Alley Plantation is a historic plantation located on the West bank of the Mississippi River in the community of Vacherie, st. James parish. Oak Alley was established to grow sugar cane when it originated in 1830. Jacques Roman built the present mansion with entirely enslaved labor. The entire plantation was run by slaves and the grounds gives you the history as well as a guided tour in the main house of life for during that time in history. The cost for touring the plantation was $36.00 for the two of us.

We left Poche Plantation on the 3rd of January heading to Galveston, Texas.


One thought on “Louisiana”

  1. Nice to see that there are more RVers from Ontario. My wife and I used to live not far from your home at Wasage Beach, we lived in Maxwell, about 25 miles south, west of Collingwood, Ontario. We are RVers as well but not too active as yet and we live in Kirkland Lake, Ontario about 400 miles north of you.
    Enjoy your winter down south.
    Wilf, Elizabeth, and Morris Blakey


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