Galveston, TX

Our next stop on our journey was Galveston Island in Texas. We got back on Interstate 10 and headed to the turnoff which would take us to a free ferry ride to Galveston Island. It was fun the weather was sunny and calm. When we drove off the ferry we headed to Sandpiper RV Resort in Galveston, Texas for 5 nights. The resort was lovely, located right beside the beaches of endless sands. You could see a pier with a carnival rides a short distance away. Pete and Patricia parked their RV right beside us. The resort had laundry, a pool and was lovely. We walked the beach and rode our bikes on the hard packed sand, it was amazing!!! Galveston Island is a tourist area, a point of entry for ships and cruise ships and has everything you may ever need. Galveston’s historic district called The Strand is breathtaking with it’s historic museums and building. Many of these buildings survived the the 1900 storm which was regarded as the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. All the houses driving into Galveston are on posts situated above the ground in the event that a storm hits. It is incredible to see these homes and how they are built. After exploring Galveston we went into Houston one day to visit Costco. We did go to Pleasure Island on the Friday before we were leaving and rode the Ferris Wheel at the end of the pier. It costs $10 each to enter the park and $5.00 to ride the Ferris Wheel each. There was a lightning storm and they could not guarantee us that the park would not get closed down but they did tell us our money was non refundable. It was fun but expensive!! We had dinner at Fishtails Restaurant. I would not recommend this restaurant, the meal was not great and the food was expensive. Galveston on the other hand was beautiful and worth it!!!!  We spent 6 nights in Galveston before heading towards Big Bend National Park in Texas.


Galveston Beach

Sandpiper RV Resort and Beach


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