Seminole Canyon SP

We headed out of Galveston towards Big Bend National Park. Our mileage was 92541 and we left at 8:15 am.on Saturday, January 9th.  We were heading to Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Park which was 4 hours away from Big Bend. It is located just off Highway 90 between Comstock and the Pecos River in Texas. Pictures do not do this park justice. It is breath takingly beautiful with its vast lands of nothing but cactus and rocky landscape. The stars were incredible at night, so bright and so many!! The night sky was not interrupted by light from anything so you could gaze upon the million of stars in the sky, and we did. The cost was $20 a night plus $3 per person to stay overnight at this park. Because Highway 90 borders on Mexico we were stopped at Border Checkpoints periodically searching for illegal Mexican immigrants who may have crossed the river. They were very friendly and we just showed them our passports.


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