Big Bend NP, TX

We left Seminole Canyon State Park heading to Big Bend National Park which was named for the huge sweeping curve of the Rio Grande River. Marathon was the turning point to Big Bend National Park.  Pete and Patricia were joining us at the park and had stayed in a different park in Comstock overnight. It cost $25.00 to enter Big Bend and then cost $42.00 for the three nights we were planning on staying. It was dry camping in the Rio Grande Village as there was no hydro or water hook up. This was the first time in our trip we would use our generator. Big Bend is huge spanning 800,000 acres of Texas scenic beauty combined with the Rio Grande Rivers, the Chihuahuan Desert and a breathtaking mountain range, the Chisos, spanning it’s border. It is a majestic land with it’s vast beauty and it’s sunrises and sunsets were magical as it played with colour on the mountain ranges and painted the sky. One of our many explorations was the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail which offers some of the best bird watching in the region to watch a spectacular sunset. Pete and Patricia have a Jeep Rangler and we explored Big Bend on back roads through Old Ore Trail which took you into the heart of Big Bend and it’s mountains. The following day we took a winding back road called River Road East to the Mariscal Mine where they used to mine quick silver mercury. After exploring the mine we continued our exploration of the area taking a “not maintained” road called Black Gap and Glenn Spring Road with heart stopping windy roads, rocky trails and drop off’s that had the palms of your hand’s sweating, and your heart beating wildly as you held on tightly, hoping you were going to make it through this windy, unmaintained road. We did, but it was not for the faint of heart!!! During our stay at Big Bend, we saw deer, javelina’s, coyote’s and were told that cougars also were spotted in this park. Our last stop from our “heart pumping” back road adventure was to the hot springs trail located just before our camp ground. A natural hot spring pool located on the side of the Rio Grande River was an amazing treat after a day of four wheeling!! Perfect end to the day.



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