Quartzsite, AZ


Through out the planning for our trip, the one place we wanted to head was to Quartsite, Arizona to the biggest RV Sale and boondocking on the border of Arizona and California. The Show ran from January 16th – 24th.  I was very worried about boondocking as I had never done it before and had no idea what to expect. My first sight of Quartzsite took my breath away. I had never seen so many RV’s in one area at the same time. You could see them in the distance as you travelled closer to Quartzsite along Interstate 10. It didn’t matter which way you looked, they were everywhere. We found a government site with Pete and Patricia just outside of Quartzsite. Camping was for free for 14 days on the government land. It was amazing and I immediately loved it. We explored the RV show which was home to many RV Vendor’s and the surrounding flea market. Quartzsite does not have a big grocery store so we had to go into Blythe, California to stock up on supplies. The show ended on Sunday, January 24th and I am so glad we decided to see it and be apart of it. The cactus’s at this point had changed and we were seeing the big saguaro cactus’s. Very cool!!!  Pete and Patricia left a couple of days before us to head to El Centro and we stayed to explore the vendor’s outside of the RV show as well as Quartzsite and the surrounding area.   There was an easy hike we took to Palm Canyon Trail, is a short hike and takes you near a stand of unique California fan palms, we were told they are the only native palm trees in Arizona. The palms were in the side of the canyon.  It was very beautiful!


Boon docking in the desert!!!




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