El Centro, CA

We travelled to El Centro, CA on Jan 27 after our stay in Quartzsite, AZ to meet up with some friends. My brother and his wife had gone the day before.

Our route was out past Blythe and south on 78. The initial irrigated fields changed to open desert in short order. We eventually found ourselves cutting through the middle of the Imperial Sand Dunes RA. Of course we had to pull off into the scenic view area so we could play in the dunes.




Just your basic RV park with normal amenities. Was introduced to the game of pickle ball during our stay here. We also did a day trip over to Holtville and checked out the LTVA on the east side of town. A nice little town and they were having a BBQ & Carrot festival that weekend but we didn’t get back over for that.

El Centro is the Navy’s Blue Angels practice area so the jets were overhead every day. A great opportunity to generate a few hundred images of jets flying overhead.




From the start of this trip to each new sighting or adventure, I kept thinking, “things can’t get more beautiful than this”. Then with each new experience I think, this was better then the last. If has been absolutely breathtaking from start to…not finished yet!!

We stayed at Sunbeam RV Park for 4 nights before heading up along the east side of the Salton Sea.



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