Salton Sea, CA

We arrived at Salton Sea State Recreational Area and camped at the northern most location after checking out the first two areas. The wind was too high to make the parking area at the first one comfortable and the space for our RV was limited at the second. At the third we were in the camping loop and took two spots which was fine with the rangers.



The beach material here seems to be mostly fish bones with plenty of fish that have yet to become beach.

We took a drive up and around the other side of the sea and out to Borrego Springs. Some beautiful scenery out that way and the town is very nice. We checked out the boondocking area east of town for future stays.



The art installation outside of town has some huge pieces. They are spread out north of town.



With the wind the sand was blowing across the roads. Better than being at home with snow blowing across the roads though.


Saw an old fellow wheel into town and park his rig before going into the Mexican restaurant for some food.


We drove through Salton City on the way back but I didn’t find any of the abandoned and dilapidated buildings that I’ve seen pictures of. This grocery store and old gas station are near North Shore.


We stayed for two nights here and then headed north-east along Box Canyon Rd towards Joshua Tree National Park.


Considering how dry and desert like this area is there are lush date palm farms on the outskirts of the Sultan Sea.  The dates are available fresh for purchase and date shakes are amazing!!!    Beautiful!!!!




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