Joshua Tree NP, CA

We headed from Salton Sea to Joshua Tree National Park and because of the size of our trailer, we spent 4 nights boondocking outside the southern park entrance  It was spectacular!!  At this point I would have to say that the Joshua Tree has to have the most beautiful rock formations that I have seen so far.  Breath taking!!!  We did a few of the hikes in Joshua Tree.  We got to see the Joshua Tree’s and it’s wonderful vegetation.  We saw rock climbers and the camping (for smaller RV’s) is spectacular!!  You camp right in the rocks and these rocks are massive!!!! Joshua Tree State Park is surrounded by mountains as well as the Mojave and Colorado Desert.  The sunsets were amazing as well as the star studded nights.  We could see right in front of our trailer the Orocopia Mountains and we were within one mile of Camp Young which was where General Patton trained one million soldiers to fight in WWII. (J)



Cottonwood Spring is the campground near the southern park entrance. We hiked  from the area of the spring up to mastodon Peak and then circled back. The black and white picture is an infra-red image taken with a converted Nikon 5700. In the one picture taken from the top of the peak Salton Sea can be seen in the distance.


A 4×4 trail and short hike gets us to the Desert Queen Mine.


We drove to the northern area of the park and hiked Skull Rock area. Up here was where we found the Joshua trees.




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