Quartzsite, AZ

Sunday, the day before leaving Sam’s Family Spa RV Resort we did the 4.5 mile round trip hike up Two Flag’s mountain with Doug and Joanne, a couple we met from Calgary Alberta.   I found it easier this time, maybe it was the company or maybe because I had done it before I knew what to expect.  It was beautiful!!!!

At Quartzsite we stayed in a different BLM land then our last trip.  This one is within view of the Plomosa Mountains off Plomosa Road.  It is beautiful and peaceful.


We took a trip to Lake Havasu City for the day.  The flowing waters of the Colorado River and the surrounding mountain side were amazing!!  It took just over an hour from our campsite winding through the mountainous train following the river.

Buckskin Mountain State Park is beautiful and right on the river just off Hwy. 95 before Lake Havasu City, I would like to check out for next year.  There was also a Resort called Havasu Springs offering $10.00 RV full hookups which looked pretty good. Any feedback on either would be appreciated.

While in Lake Havasu City we had a burger at Barley Brother’s Brewery and had a couple of in-house craft beers.  The food was great, all homemade and reasonably priced.  We parked at Rotary park which was free and toured the beach side crossing over the London Bridge.  This is definitely a tourist area with lots of boats, music, beaches and action for both young and older.


London Bridge in Lake Havasu City!!




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