Heading Home

We left Winslow on Sunday March 20th to start our trip home.  Taking Interstate 40 which parallels with historic Route 66 for part of our trip.  It was interesting seeing some of the old and abandoned buildings that I am sure were booming when Route 66 was the primary route.  After many hours of driving we stopped east of Amarillo, Texas at a Flying J for the night.  Our trip through New Mexico was beautiful!!!  The beautiful landscape was breathtaking through most of the state.  Our next stop was in Sullivan, Missouri just west of St. Louis for the night at another Flying J.  We were up by 6 oclock the next morning to start the trip home.  Our only hickup was a few miles from the border in Detroit, Michigan when we encountered an accident on Interstate 75 which put us back by half an hour.  We had no problems crossing the border into Canada, took less than 10 minutes.  The weather forecast for southern Ontario was rain and close to freezing temperatures closer to the GTA.  We were able to make it home by midnight on Tuesday with a light drizzle and fog patches, one day ahead of a winter and freezing rain storm that was to hit southern Ontario late Wednesday evening.


I can’t say enough about this trip, it was amazing!!  I am sure we will be talking about it for a long time!!  Saw so much beauty and met the most amazing people and met some new friends!!!  I am excited to plan our trip for next year.  Thank you Steve for your amazing driving, setting up and parking of the trailer and the suggestions for our beautiful locations!!  I could never have done it without you!!


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