Desert Hot Springs Pt2

The rain and wind has moved on and we’re back to sunny skies. Now we just need to get back to the warmer temperatures. The storms left plenty of snow at the higher elevations.



Desert Hot springs

We left Quartzsite on Friday the 13th and headed to Desert Hot Springs. Along I10 we ran through a dust storm that was later followed by a rain storm as we got to the southern side of Joshua Tree NP.

We made a short stop along the way to check out Desert Center. An interesting place that had seen its heyday many years before. This site has some great information on Desert Center Places That Were

After some wet driving to Sam’s Family Spa we got ourselves setup in a site and went off to visit and catch up with friends.

We have done a couple of hikes up to the flags across the road, once with Vince & Susan, once just Jane and I. The weather isn’t as hot as last year but the swimming pool and hot pools have been great.


Quartzsite Pt 3

Sunrises and sunsets in the desert bookend relaxing days of hiking and reading. Jane and I enjoy this area a lot. 

Met a couple nearby that come down from Oregon. They took us out for a few hours touring the washes and top side of town in their four seater SxS. Maybe we need one of these toys 🙂 

Drove up to the Bouse Fisherman intaglio and walked in from the parking area. If there wasn’t a picture in front showing the layout it’d be tough to pick out the parts. 

We went further towards Bouse (rhymes with house)  to an off road  trail entry but I had no visions of a dually crawling around tight corners so we walked in a bit and I scrambled up a hill to get a better view. Jane stayed down on the trail. 

Quartzsite Pt 2

Went in to town looking for tilt supports for the solar panels but didn’t like the price/quality of what I saw.  Stopped at the hardware store and bought a piece of 1×2 and some bolts.  They cut the wood into four pieces and I drilled the holes back at the trailer. Total $3.75 and the panels are tilted and charging about 5x the rate when flat. I’ll make proper ones in the summer. 

Data feed from the solar controller displayed on my  custom touch screen I built. Temperature value isn’t correct as there is no probe.  Controller is Renogy 4210.


Back at Plomosa Rd BLM area where we were in March. So far it seems the solar panels can recharge the batteries during the day from the usage the night before.  I designed the mounts to tilt but didn’t get around to making support rods. 

Moon is a bit bright for good star pictures but I tried some anyway. 

Spending a week or so out here just chillin’,  hiking around and reading.

Kingman, AZ pt 2

Toured the historic section of Kingman, visited the Route 66 museum and the Bonelli House. The history of the route is quite interesting and the creation of the Interstate certainly devastated a number of towns. With faster vehicles and longer drives between stops there was less need for the many hotels/motels/restaurants and gas stations. Some have survived as tourist destinations but as we drove out here you could see many abandoned buildings that had been bypassed by I40.

The museum had an old Studebaker on display. There was also an electric car section for defunct products.

Classic car dealer had some nice vehicles in the showroom.

Spotted some nice project trucks sitting in a lot at the side of Hwy 68 too. No flatbed with me so I can’t bring any home. 🙂