Desert Hot Springs (JTNP)

With Shawn here for the week we decided to visit Joshua Tree National Park again.

Kathie & Rick came with us and Patricia & Peter met us there and brought along Gus & Rita.

They were coming from Hemet so were a bit longer than us arriving at the visitor center. We decided to take a detour to PioneerTown on our way up. Wasn’t anything going on there.Must be more of a weekend attraction. We strolled around, took some pistures and headed off for JTNP.

Next stop was the JTNP Visitor Centre where we paid for our gate entries and picked up some information. By paying the fees at the centre we skipped the lineup at the park gate.


Our first destination was Hidden Valley where we hiked the loop and had a tailgate lunch.

From Hidden Valley we drove to Keys View. This point overlooks the Coachella Valley. On a clear day you can see Salton Sea but it was hard to make out on this trip due to the haze.

From here we went off to have a look at Skull Rock. We drove through Jumbo Rocks CG on the way as that was where we parked last year for the hike to Skull Rock. It was very busy and there was no parking so we ended up parking out on the road. We had brought camping gear with us this winter but it doesn’t look like we’ll have time to get in a night of camping as we’re headed back to Quartzsite at the beginning of March. After hiking around the rocks across the road from the campground most of the group decided to return to the truck leaving Shawn & I to hike the rest of the way over to Skull Rock. We walked/jogged back to the truck after taking some pictures there.

Heading back to Desert Hot Springs I saw a pickup truck at the side of the road for sale. I’m looking for a project vehicle and the southwest has candidates that are in better shape. Right vintage, wrong configuration. This one was a C20 LB, I’d rather have a C10 SB.



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