Bouse, AZ

After leaving Desert Hot Springs we first went to the Quartzsite side of the Plomosa Mtns. The second day we were there a group with ATV’s setup right near us so we took a drive to the east side of the mountains to scout locations. We found a new site and moved the trailer. The new location was down past a large group at the end of a trailway.

As we pulled down past the group one of the members asked if we were with the Escapees Boondocking group. Turns out this was one of their get-togethers. We were invited up to their happy hours and evening camp fires. A great group of people and we ended up joining the Escapees which we had considered in the past but never got to doing.

With the moon out of the evening sky I did some more night sky photography.

The desert flowers were coming out with the hot days. Great area for hiking across the desert and I managed to get in 3-4mi each day.

The area was used for various types of military training during WW2. The tracks in the desert look to be from a tank as they are too wide for a truck at 10ft. The crumpled steel is practice bombs that impacted the ground.

There has been a lot of mining here in the past and I came across an abandoned mine shaft that was used for copper mining.



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