Congress, AZ

We left the Bouse area after 17 days. Our tanks were getting near to full and the heat was bringing the snakes out so we decided it was time to leave.

We traveled to Congress to stay 3 nights at the Escapees North Ranch. It’s a nice park with full facilities (except pool) and we explored Wickenburg and the area from here.

We drove down a dirt road for about 7mi to get to a box canyon that has the Hassayampa River running through it. In other pictures I’ve seen of the canyon the river is a mere trickle but this time it was running quick and the riverbed was fully covered. There were a few people down there having a good time with their ATV’s & UTV’s, even one family that had driven their truck down into the canyon base and across the river. I decided a dually wasn’t the best vehicle to be snaking down a rocky trail.

Wickenburg was a nice little western town to walk around. Not a whole lot in town to see although they do have a self-guided tour you can do. A lot of horsey activity in town and there what looked like a rodeo going on in one part of town.


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