Holbrook, AZ

We left Cottonwood and headed to Holbrook via Hwy 260 & 87. This entailed climbing up to a much higher elevation where there was snow on the roadside. No cell coverage up in this area so you don’t want to be having issues. All of the campgrounds through this route were closed for the winter as were all the forest roads.

After arriving in Holbrook we booked into OK RV for two nights with the GoodSam discount. Dinner that night at Romo’s for Mexican was great. Good prices and lots on the plates.

We went the next day to Petrified Forest National Park. We drove to the southern entrance with the plan to drive through and out the north gate. There is a ton of petrified wood in the area as you drive to the park along 180. All the places want to sell you some but we don’t need more stuff in the house.

The park is very interesting and the short hikes through the petrified wood locations give you a close up look at it all.

As we moved towards the north end of the park the Painted Desert colors became more noticable. We spotted some Pronghorn antelope.

There are also petroglyphs that can be seen as well as the remains of a Puebloan settlement.




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