Winter 2018


We moved the truck and trailer out onto the road on Boxing Day afternoon so that we were ready to go on Wednesday.

Rolled out Wednesday morning at 7:05AM. Roads were a mixed of center bare and packed snow for the first hour and a half. Headed for Windsor to cross the border. Had considered going under the lake but Erie PA got a snow dump. Going through Sarnia meant risking lake effect snow off Huron so Windsor it was. Border was packed with cars but RV’s go through the truck lanes which was reasonably quick. The border agent spent quite a while typing on his computer while we waited. He might have been messaging his wife. Can’t see him spending that much time researching us.

First night was a FlyingJ south of Dayton OH. It was pretty cold so we were bundled up in the trailer to sleep. We had planned on making Nashville but stopped early.

Early start the next day, think it was 5:00AM. Headed further south and then west and stopped for the night in Texarkana AR. Another FlyingJ night and a horrible Denny’s dinner.

Friday morning we aimed for Dallas and beyond. The truck nav argued but we persevered and took the southern bypass route. Traffic wasn’t too bad and temperatures were getting better. We spent the night at another FlyingJ in Sparks TX, just short of El Paso.

Next morning we were off just before daylight and planning to use the bypass route detailed on RV Dreams and also on The Bayfield Bunch and with those instructions we easily skipped the I10 route through El Paso. Easy peasy.

We aimed for Benson and about noon rolled into SKP Saguaro park where we are staying for a week. Current plans after here is Yuma area.