Benson, AZ

Jan 1, 2018

I had done this post the other day but I have no idea where it went after it published so I’ll try again.

We went for a drive down to Bisbee, AZ from the SKP Saguaro park we are in for a week. We were down there a couple of years ago but it’s a great place to visit whenever we are in the area.

Passed a Volkswagen Beetle that looks like it won’t be on the road anytime soon. Can’t tell if it is trying to escape the hole or sinking into one.


We parked at the bottom end of Bisbee and walked up the hill through town. Lots of art galleries and vintage stores to wander through. Probably something for everyone here no matter what kind of bric-a-brac you like to collect. Jane found herself a pair of glittery silver shoes for 4$. Seems she is attracted to the clothing from the 80’s and makes a beeline for those racks in each store.

A small parade was winding it’s way through town with an odd assortment of musical instruments, many looked like they were home made. There was even a bicycle converted to a musical cart of sorts.


A trip to Bisbee isn’t complete without a stop at the Old Bisbee Brewing Company. Jane had the Copper Ale with a bratwurst and I had the Double Hopped IPA with a bowl of chili. Both great beers.


From Bisbee we looped west to Sierra Vista which is quite a large city with all the big box stores and a mall. I stopped in at the Harbor Freight to see what was on sale. If I had the space I could load up on a number of tools I’d like for the shop back home. Before the end of the winter I’m planning to pick up one of their TiG welders. Maybe it’ll go on sale before the end of April.

After leaving Sierra Vista we drove east on Hwy 82 and stopped at the old town site of Fairbank. Looks like it was quite the going concern back in the day when the railroad was coming through town and the silver mining was active. Pretty quiet there today as it was New years Day.

From Fairbank we continued east to Hwy 80 where we stopped at our first Border Patrol of the winter. The first time we lined up for one outside of El Paso they closed up shop before we got to the head of the line and everyone was just directed past it. This time the officer looked at our passports and commented about the weather back home in Ontario being much colder than here in Arizona. We agreed with him and were on our way back to Benson.


For Kelly of The Bayfield Bunch this is Jane’s 4$ shoe purchase. šŸ™‚



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