Imperial Dam

Jan 8-11, 2018

We left Organ Pipe NM and headed off towards Yuma on Jan 8. The sites and access lanes at Organ Pipe are quite tight when hauling a 40′ fifth wheel. The sites are well spaced and very nice though. I ended up having to back out of the site even though it is a pull through as there wasn’t enough room at the front of the site to make the turn onto the laneway between site rows.

Not far north of OP we came across another Border Patrol check station. Looked like the agents were having a good time when we pulled through. They did do a full walk around of the trailer and looked into the truck. When we told them where we were coming from the agents comment was “You’re brave staying there. That’s one of our big hot spots for border activity”. Well thanks, glad Jane didn’t know that going in.


We drove up through Ajo, AZ. A nice looking little town with lots of interesting buildings. We didn’t stop anywhere and just snapped some pictures as we drove through.

With a fuel stop at the Love’s Truck Stop in Gila Bend we headed off west on I8 towards Yuma. Here’s a picture of the Edge CTS2 I use to monitor the engine while we are hauling. Lets me watch EGT’s and more and show when it enters a DPF burn which kills the fuel mileage while it’s happening.


After leaving I8 we found our way onto Hwy 95 and followed another RV into the Imperial Dam area. The entrance off Hwy 95 is pretty clearly marked by a couple of very large guns. There is also a display of military hardware just off the highway but the parking area was being paved so we couldn’t stop there. Will have to get some pictures of it all when they are done with the paving. Did see a helicopter mounted on a post at the main Army base gate. Looks to be a Huey Cobra.


The Imperial Dam LTVA entrance was staffed with a Canadian couple originally from England. We took on some fresh water and headed out to find a site. Found a nice location with a view of the water (if we look carefully in the right direction). Someone has created a guitar with stones on the ground here.


After setting up we took a drive around the North Shore of Senator Wash. Friends had stayed there last year down by the water. There was no way I’d be taking our trailer down that route but if you have a smaller and lighter RV it would be a nice area to spend time. It’s a different fee area for camping in.


I got my drone out to take some aerial pictures of the area and our site.

On the 9th it got windy and the dust was kicking up. Then it rained some but barely enough to dampen the ground. There was a nice double rainbow that followed when the sun came back out late in the day. Need to go over to that fifth wheel (they are from Ontario, near Toronto) and look for the pot of gold. 🙂


We took a trip into Yuma to get some supplies and stopped down in the historic district on Main St. A craft brewery called our names and we stopped in for a couple of beers and a snack.

Planning to take a drive over past El Centro on Saturday. Seems there is a clothing optional resort out that way though so I’ll have to make sure we don’t maake any wrong turns. 🙂


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