Imperial Dam Part Deux

We went for a drive towards Yuma in order to stop at one of the fresh produce stands and get some fresh fruit and veggies. The first place we stopped at was listed in the booklet as having produce but had obviously determined selling antiques along with soup and sandwiches was more profitable. We continued on and found a small stand with some items. Bought a few things but the prices were nothing special. Tomatoes and cucumbers were cheaper at Walmart. Can buy cantelopes and pineapples cheaper back home but then we’ve always found that food is more expensive down here for the most part.

On the way back we stopped at the military hardware display area. They were still working on the parking lot so we parked on the road. Must have been a government project. One guy running the line painter, one telling him where to paint, two supervising and one watching the paint dry.

These are pictures of the display boards that were setup.

One of the tanks had some battle damage.

These are the rest of what was on display. Tanks, recovery vehicles, howitzers and missiles and a launcher.



One thought on “Imperial Dam Part Deux”

  1. It is nice when you can find some produce at decent prices, but the roadside stands are are expensive, A few places you can find stuff just picked today some maybe seconds but real cheap enjoy Your time there.


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