Los Algodones, Mexico

January 18, 2018

Jane and I headed off from Imperial Dam for a day trip into Mexico. We parked at the lot near the border for 6$ and walked across. Obviously Mexico wants us there as there is no border check all. Jane thought she had avoided the check by coming out the wrong side of the washroom. 🙂

We were immediately bombarded with dental, optical and pharmacy reps looking for customers. My glasses are good, wrong drugs and I’ll skip the dental work for now. Reminded me of the beaches in Jamaica where all the locals wanted to sell ganja.

Jane got a 10$ spa pedicure and bought an 11$ ring while waiting (started at 20$). After that we wandered around and had some awesome shrimp tacos with a couple of cervezas for a total of 10$. We looked around a bit and bought one of the ubiqitous Mexican blankets for 20$ (which started at 35$). I’m all for the deals even if I don’t need anything!

Any Canadian Hydro worker would have a fit looking at the overhead wiring in town.

The lineup to get back out was quite long and it took us 1.5hrs to get through it. Lots of people carrying the stuff they bought from various vendors.

One thought on “Los Algodones, Mexico

  1. Sounds like a fun day you had , love the shrimp tacos as well.
    We always enjoy Los Algodones getting used to saying no thank you. We like to go there before Christmas cross early in the morning and back across the border before noon. Usually no line ups then at all.


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