Quartzsite & Mesa, AZ

March 23, 2018

We left Borrego Springs on March 15th and headed east towards Quartzsite. We planned to spend some time there before figuring out where to go next as we worked our way back towards home. As we were travelling we got a message from our friends Kathy & Scott. They were driving north from Yuma and stopping in Quartzsite. We agreed to meet on Plomosa Rd. and arrived a couple of hours after them.


We stayed on Plomosa Rd for 5 nights and did some hikes across the desert. We also hit up Silly Al’s with Kathy & Scott. The first night we went there the power was out in town due to an accident so we had to go back again and did so on St Patricks Day. Jane took food coloring so that we could have green beers.

We considered going to the Wickenburg area again but then we heard from Bill and Sue who were in a park in Mesa, AZ so decided to go there for a few days of pool time and hanging out. This would also give us a spot to get caught up on laundry and general cleaning. The truck was covered in desert dust and need a wash.

I did get a picture of the B-17 from Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum as it flew overhead. There were also other vintage planes flying past on occasion.




2 thoughts on “Quartzsite & Mesa, AZ”

  1. How nice that you are still in the heat and heart of the desert. Enjoy the warmth, we are just a few hours from Ontario and experiencing yeuchy cold weather! Nice to see where you guys are. 🙂


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