Rocky Point Campground – Texarkana

April 9, 2018

After leaving the SKP Ranch in Lakewood NM We spent a night Wally-docking at the Walmart in Abilene TX. We’d tried to book into a county park outside of Dallas but it was race weekend and all of the camping within an hour of Texas Motor Speedway was booked. The next day we headed east to Texarkana. I’d called an Army Core of Engineers campground and they said they had lots of space. After entering the campground into the truck nav system we headed off. All went well until we got off the interstate and onto the small roads. Seems the GPS figured it would be no problem routing us over a railway crossing that had a steep approach angle to the tracks with a big drop the other side. The trailer frame cleared the tracks by almost two inches. When we arrived at the campground the ranger said they had no space available which seemed odd based on what we’d been told. While discussing this with the ranger I noticed the campground map was for Clear Springs which is a different CoE area on the same lake. Looks like the GPS thinks they are all at the same address. After being given the alternate route out of there (turn before going back over the tracks) we finally made it to Rocky Point Campground. Not easy to find the entrance road off the highway as it’s not marked. Only took two passes to get it.

The campground was quite nice. The sites are large and well spaced. We got one backing onto the water. Some of the sites are in the treed areas. The lake is level controlled and was quite high so a number of sites were underwater and it looked like there was a fair bit of winter damage to repair. Temperatures weren’t that high so we were dressed for warmth and burning a fire. The wood was free to collect as there was lots of that they wanted cleaned up.

The dam is just up the road so one day we went for a driver to check it out. The actual dam is a large earthen berm with a control gate. The pcitures show the emergency overflow spillway.

One night we drove to a nearby restaurant for some local food and beers. Scottie’s Grill also does live concerts at the back and the waitress says they get 1-2000 people for those events. Seems the county is dry so we had to show ID and join Scottie’s club that allows you to buy alcohol. The food was great. We had deep fried crawfish and split a burger as it was huge (1/2lb beef, pulled pork, onion rings and more).

Great sunsets from out on the point looking across the lake.


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