Franklin, TN

April 19, 2018

We left Nashville and the Seven Points Campground after 6 days on 3 sites. There were no more available sites so we moved about an hour north to Dad’s Bluegrass Campground. It’s a fairly basic park, all pull thru’s and with Passport America works out to a reasonable price. This was our last stop on the way home. We just had to wait long enough for the winter to go away in Ontario.

Franklin isn’t a huge town but it does have a nice historic area. There were trees in the town square wrapped with crocheted items which seemed a bit odd. We found out from a visit to an art gallery that it’s for an upcoming festival. We stopped into a small hobby store that was jammed with die cast cars and plastic model kits. Jane asked if they had a 1965 Ford Galaxie and they produced two different ones. She picked the red one that matched the one sitting in the garage at home. Janes’ grandfather purchased the car new and it’s been passed though her father and now to her.

On March 1, 1968 Johnny Cash and June Carter were married at the church on the back side of the town square. Didn’t get a picture of the church as I didn’t know this fact until after we left. We did walk past it though.

We drove up to Bowling Green on the Wednesday (18th) to visit the National Corvette Museum. If you have any interest in Corvette’s then it’s the place to go. The museum covers the full history of the car from the 1953, first model year. In Febuary 2014 the center of the main display area collapsed into a sink hole and eight cars were damaged or destroyed as they dropped into the hole. Not all the cars will be restored. The last of the 3 is the ’62 which was completed in February. The rest are either too damaged or would require so many new parts that they would no longer be of historic value.

I stitched 4 pictures together to create the panorama of all 7 generations of Corvette. The brand new ZR1 is awaiting customer pickup at the museum which is an option for new Corvettes at pruchase time.

After the museum we headed to the historic area of downtown Bowling Green. Unfortunately it was quite a dissapointment. Half of the retail units in the old buildings were empty. For those that had businesses in them, most seemed to be lawyers or investment companies. The town square had a nice restored cast iron fountain in the middle but it had a big fence around it.

On Thursday (19th) afternoon we drove down the highway a couple of miles to Kentucky Downs racetrack where they have a slots casino. We signed up for the players club and each got 15$ in play credits. Jane ended up losing all of hers in just over an hour. I had mine up to 39$ when we stopped for a couple of beers at the bar. Jane had a Gumball Head wheat beer fomr 3 Floyds Brewing in Indiana. I had an IPA from West Sixth Brewing in Lexignton KY. Both were good beers and we went back to the slots after. Well, I did, Jane had no money  left. After another bit of playing I was down to 19$ so we closed out and left the casino up 8$ (19$ – 11$ for beers). Not bad for an afternoon of entertainment.


3 thoughts on “Franklin, TN”

  1. We have almost an identical setup as yourselves. We have a 2013 Jayco Pinnacle 36REQS, pulled by a 2011 Ford F350 dually, extended cab, LB, diesel. We live in Stirling, just outside of Belleville. I have a sister who lives in Wasaga Beach.


    1. Had forgotten to update that page. Last fall I traded the dually for a Chev 3500HD CCSB SRW. The truck is my daily driver and I was tired of using a dually for that. Also it was an early build ’11 and I was concerned about dropping an exhaust valve or blowing the turbo, known issues on early ’11’s.


  2. Loved that museum we we there before the damage was done.
    Nothing like getting paid for an afternoons entertainment.
    The snow is melting quickly here now you should be good in a few more days.


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