On the road again….

January 3, 2019

We left home early on the 28th of December. Initially the plan was for the 26th but with the cold temperatures we decided to wait and have an extra day of prep and load.

It was 7C when we left @ 7:05AM heading for Windsor and the border crossing. It took 2 hours to get through the border. We were directed down through the truck lanes and got there just as it seemed all the agents were rotaing off shift. After sittin in a lane for a bit the red light went on and the agent left so we switched lanes. Then we were directed to another lane where we got an agent with an agenda. He took issue with us changing lanes, then he had an issue with us being retired it seems (yeah, I wouldn’t want to be his age and sitting in a box for hours either LOL). So, off we went for a drive around the buildings and inside where they wanted to count how much cash we were bringing in. They just kept telling us we should be using a debit card and not paying cash when travelling. The first agent we spoke to had no idea what was what and called another, then we spoke to another. The last agent was the most reasonable and sent us on our way after verifying the cash amount we had declared out at the truck lane.

We made it to Franklin, OH where we did our end of day fillup and parked for the night at the Pilot. Ony made 514mi with the border delay but this was the same stop as last year. We had strong headwinds through Ontario which became crosswinds that pushed us around and resulted in 9.1mpg for the day.

On the road at 5:30AM we headed south towards Nashville for the turn west. Traffic was fine with no slowdowns and we ended up in Texarkana, AR at the same FlyingJ we had used last year. Weather was fine with temperatures as high as 10C. We did 787mi @ 10.8mpg this day.

We were up and on the road just after 6AM and planning to cover Texas. We drove for 12 hours and arrived at the FlyingJ in Sparks (just before El Paso) after 812mi (9.8mpg).

Driving through the Permian Basin area by Odessa you could see that there was a lot of business activity. New hotels were under construction, “Now Hiring” signs everywhere and lots of active drill rigs. It was also the highest diesel prices we had seen so far in the trip with prices as high as 3.35$/g right across the road from a refinery.

We were again on the road at 6AM and headed toward Benson, AZ with the plan of staying at the SKP Saguaro again for New Years. During the trip we hadn’t bothered to roam either of our phones as we didn’t need to use them. After getting onto I10 in NM (we did the El Paso bypass again) we called the park to see about availability. When they weren’t open we realized that the truck clock was on manual and hadn’t been getting the time changes from the Nav GPS. All the time we had been driving on EST and not switched to CST and then MST. Pretty much explained why the sun came up so late and traffic around El Paso was so light (it was 4AM). After a good laugh we just kept on going and arrive in Benson at 9:30 where we booked in for a week. That allows us time to get some shopping done, clean the truck and trailer and rest a bit after the driving.


We did get some decidely unwanted weather after the start of the year.


6 thoughts on “On the road again….”

  1. When you boondock park like the Flying J etc. and it’s cold do you run your furnace on battery? And if so, how many batteries do you have and do you have solar. That has always been our issue in travelling south in the cold. We don’t have a generator or solar and are afraid by running the furnace at night while boondocking we will kill the batteries.


    1. We didn’t run the furnace at all during the overnight stops. We find that with the duvet on the bed we are warm enough. We do have a heated matress pad that I’ve run in the past prior to going to bed but not used this trip. We do have 640w of solar and 4x 6v batteries.


  2. You put on a lot of miles in those days but made it to Arizona and to wake up with snow ! Yuk. Glad we have not seen any here in the Yuma area jus blue skies, sunshine and windy. much nicer today though.


    1. I prefer to just drive and get to AZ in the 3-4 days of travel rather than spend more time stopped on the way. It’s usually Jane that doesn’t want to keep going each day. We considered continuing on to Yuma rather than stopping in Benson. If I’d checked the weather we would have gone to Yuma. 🙂


  3. You don’t need to listen to the border people , you can bring all the money you want into the states . We can use more like you .( Glad you made it and hope you have a great winter )


  4. When we were living in the apartment and waited until after Christmas to cross the Ambassador Bridge we always had long waits and Rude Immigration Officers. We’ve since found out that The Bridge is the Training Grounds for all new Immigration Officers and it seems they are told to act like @#$%^&.
    You drove a lot of miles in those few days only to see weather like you left behind in Ontario.
    Kathy also had a hard time with long driving days and I starting to feel that way now as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Warmer weather.

    It’s about time.


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