Borrego Springs (I)

February 10th, 2019

We arrived in Borrego Springs just after sunset on the 6th after the drive from San Felipe and stopping in El Centro to restock with the essentials (beer, wine, food and diesel).

The next day Jane and I went for a hike down to the Clark Dry Lake Bed following Rockhouse Trail Rd. It was about 6 miles down and back with our off path wandering around. There is an odd encampment off to the west side of the road and we walked across to check it out. Not sure what it’s purpose is. There are beds, camo netting, sea-can containers, kids toys and more all arranged and sectioned off with straw bales. Further down towards the lake bed there are a couple of concrete slabs and the end of a short roadway that look like a camp spot.

On the 8th we drove back down towards the lake bed. Jane spotted a coyote crossing the road out in front of us a ways and when we got to that point we could see it out in the brush. I switched lenses on the 7D and got a number of shots. This one shows it looking back in our direction.

We then drove on and followed the road out the north west side of the lake bed. The road is quite rocky in parts so it’s slow going and we stopped when we got to where the private road cuts off. I had forgot to bring the drone down with us… next time.

On the way back up we stopped at the old gravel pit area. I wanted to see if we could find the trail that runs up to Coyote Peak. We walked up to the top of the pit and then Jane waited while I hiked up the mountain ridge a bit. I found a faint trail there that follows the ridge line to the peak. According to AllTrails the actual trail is a 5.4mile out and back trip with 2618ft of elevation gain. At some point I’d like to do it and Jane says she’ll watch from the bottom.

The following afternoon while Jane was working on her crocheting I hiked from the trailer to a point northwest of the snake rocks. You can see the snake rock sculpture in the larger picture below. There are also a number of smaller rock sculptures in the same area. I was looking to see how far to the north I could get from this area but there is a large cut that I would have to climb down into and back out so I just looped back around and down.


On February 10th we drove into town with a few side trips on the way. We stopped at the Seeley Ranches fruit stand and picked up a bag each of fresh grapefruits and tangelos. Jane really enjoyed what I made from the fresh squeezed juice of the grapefruits. Greyhounds!

We drove out into Coyote Canyon. Last year we stopped at the creek crossing. This year the prior rains had rearranged things and the road was in a different place when we got to the creek. It was quite easy to drive up past the creek to the top end of the road. Much easier offroading with the Chev 3500HD than it was when we had the Ford F350 Dually which ended up with bushes scraping the rear fenders.

With the rain that has fallen in the area this winter there were a lot of flowers blooming. These are Desert Agave and Dune Evening Primrose.

We continued on into town and stopped briefly at a couple of the metal sculptures that are part of Galetta Meadows. We’ve stopped a number of times here in past years. Jane made friends with what looked to be a havelina family.

There is a beautiful new library in town now. The complex includes a new police station, gardens and community park. The building is clad in unfinished steel that is assuming a natural patina. The library has free WiFi that even works out in the parking lot and the librarian said that people will park out there in the evenings to use it. The picture from the front is from a few days later which is why there are no clouds.

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