Borrego Springs (again), Yuma (again) & Tucson

March 29th, 2019

After leaving Desert Hot Springs we headed down to Borrego Springs again. The plan is to work our way south and east to Phoenix and take Sheldon to a few of the places we know and have visited in the past.

We setup again off Rockhouse Trail but this time at the east edge with a view to the mountains.


Sheldon and I decided we’d drive to Fonts Point as he’d never had the fun of ripping up a dry wash in a truck. Jane declined to come this time. This is the second time there this year and the fourth in total for me. The view never gets old.


The three of us also went for a drive back into Coyote Canyon. The flowers along Henderson Canyon Rd were in full bloom and there were loads of people stopped taking pictures. When it rained on February 14th the entire wash area was flooded and now it was filled with desert flowers.


The canyon had also changed up at the last water crossing. With the amount of water from those rains the stream bed had moved again and the initial part of the road in had been regraded and repaired.


We drove in through town and stopped at a few of the sculptures. Sheldon was more interested in inspecting the welds and their construction than the artistry. I think Jane surprised him with this picture!


I mentioned to Sheldon that I had climbed up partway towards Coyote Peak when we were there the last time. It’s the highest peak in the mountain group on the west side of the Clark Dry Lake Bed. The peak is at 3192ft and the base is 480ft for 2712ft of climbing. He decided that he wanted to climb it and would leave early the next morning to go. I figured I might as well go with him as I had wanted to do the climb and this might be the only time I had someone with us who also wanted to do it. After a very windy night we thought that the climb wouldn’t be possible but the winds were gone by daylight. We loaded our hydration packs and left the trailer at 7:30AM and drove down to the quarry at the base of the mountains. We thought it would be quicker and easier to climb straight up from there and intersect the trail running along the top. Quicker it was…. easier it wasn’t. We burned a lot of energy just getting to the trail and still had over 2/3 of the elevation gain to go. We did eventually make it up to the peak 2 hours after leaving the truck.

From Alltrails: “Coyote Peak from Rockhouse Truck Trail is a 5.4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Borrego Springs, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until April.”


Great views from the top. There is a survey marker there and an ammo box with a log book in it. The oldest entry I saw was 1988. In the one picture my hat is hanging on the marker stake. When we started back down I forgot my hat and didn’t realize it until we had been hiking for 20 minutes. It’s still there. If anyone goes up there please bring it back for me! LOL.


From Borrego Springs we drove towards Yuma, AZ and boondocked off of Ogilby Rd just north of American Girl Mine Road. We made a trip into Yuma to visit the Territorial Museum. It was an interesting place to visit but it really didn’t take us very long to go through the whole place. We did try locking Jane up while there though. 🙂


We also stopped in the old town area at Prison Hill Brewery for lunch and craft beers.


Sheldon and I drove up American Girl Mine Rd to where the first open pit is. The equipment there now is for asphalt production. We climbed up the hill with the wooden structure on it and went into the mine shaft there. Nothing in there, it just goes in straight for maybe 35ft. We looked through all the bits of kyanite on the ground and we now have bag of it that Sheldon collected and and stashed in the trailer for us to bring home.

We left Yuma and took I-8 towards Tucson. We stayed at High Chaparral RV Park near Casa Grande. Nothing fancy for a park but they had a pool, full hookups and was halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. With Passport America it was $17.50 per night plus 3$ for the third person.


The next day we drove down to Tucson to the Pima Air and Space Museum. Jane and I had been there before. Being a lover of anything mechanical or technical Sheldon was in heaven there. The three of us spent quite a few hours wandering through all the buildings and the outdoor aircraft displays.


We stopped on the way back in downtown Tucson at Ten55 Brewing and Sausage House for a few of their beers and some food.


On Friday we left the park and hauled the trailer towards Phoenix. We stopped at the Walmart south of the airport and Jane went in to ask about leaving the trailer. She was told no problems as long as it wasn’t there overnight so we unhooked and left it while we drove Sheldon up to Sky Harbor for his flight home. After dropping him off we did a bit of shopping, hooked up and headed out of town.

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