Grand Junction, Colorado

April 26, 2019 We leave the beauty of Moab, Utah to head to Interstate 70 and our travels East to Grand Junction, Colorado and Junction West RV Park. On our way North on I191 before hitting I70 we pass BLM land with areas for boondocking. The BLM land closer to I70 at top of I191 […]

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Moab, Utah

April 21, 2019 We left Sand Island Campground heading to Moab, Utah along Interstate 191. It is about a 2 1/2 hour trip and we heard some of our fellow Xcapers, who we are a member of through the Escapee’s club, were still boondocking at Moab’s abandoned airstrip. The Xcaper’s Moab Convergence was held at […]

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Bluff, Utah

April 17, 2019 We arrived at Corral Sands RV Park in Bluff, Utah. A very basic park but in a great location for exploring the area. We arrived after a stunning scenic drive, the vast land is jaw dropping, rustic, raw and at the same time peaceful and goes on for miles. Interstate 64 wound […]

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Boondocking in Craggy Wash

April 10, 2019 We left the RV park to boondock in Craggy Wash, Havasu City. Our drive was about 10 minutes. Considering this area is BLM for only 14 days max with a camp host on site, there were lots of tents and old rigs which looked like they where permanent fixtures in this area. […]

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Lake Havasu City

April 8, 2019 We headed north to Campbell Cove RV Park for two days in Lake Havasu City again using Passport America for a discounted rate. This was a lovely park in the middle of LHC where you could walk 5 minutes to LHC State Park and the Colorado River. From our park it was […]

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Quartzsite, Arizona

March 29, 2019 We left High Chaparrell RV Park in Arizona City to take our son Sheldon to the Phoenix airport to return home after spending a wonderful 10 days touring around with him. We have stayed at High Chaparell RV Park a couple of times now as they accept Passport America with great rates, […]

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