American Girl Mines, Winterhaven, California

January 2, 2020

We decide to stay another night at High Chapparell RV Park in Arizona City before leaving the next day for American Girl Mines just west of Yuma, Arizona but in Winterhaven, California. The temperature is 70 degrees when we leave the campground at 10:45 am. taking a windy Interstate 8. We stop in Gila Bend for gas at the Shell Station at ext 119. There is boondocking across the road from the gas station as well as RV sites for overnight parking at the Shell. Bill and Sue have spent the night before at Gila Bend. Our continued drive on Interstate 8 will take us through Yuma to the turn off at Ogilby Road towards American Girl Mines Road. We picked a spot to stay behind the water tower. It is quite busy in this area with RV’s. If you travel further north on Ogilby Road there are many spots to boondock.

January 3, 2020

We made dentist appointments in Los Algodones, Mexico to get our teeth cleaned for $30 US compared to our $180 Cdn. We were recommended to this dentist by our friend, Ray Santana who had never used him but got the recommendation from his cousin. Walking into Mexico is so much easier than our borders. No one stops you, you just walk in!! The dentist office had people waiting for us in the street so we could get to the right location as Los Algodones is crawling with dentists, pharmacies and optometrists. Each of our appointment took a total of 8 minutes!! This dentist was a scam artist and we were royally ripped off!! Getting out of Mexico takes longer, we each bought ourselves a bottle of tequila which we were aloud and the entire trip took us about an hour.

After leaving Mexico we headed in Yuma and Walmart for groceries. Because Yuma is in Arizona and American Girl Mines is in California you gets stopped at a Agriculture Check Point. They ask you if you have citrus and plants. Normally you are waved through but sometimes get asked if we have those items. If you do, they tell you how to dispose of them safely.

When we got home to AGM’s we went for a 8 1/2 mile bike ride. The weather was sunny and 75 degrees and there are some great scenic roads around the area we are staying. I got to try out my new (to me) electric bike and it worked great on the windy, hilly, gravelly roads surrounding the area. Fantastic workout!!!!

Great sunsets at American Girl Mines.

January 4, 2020

Today was another sunny, clear, warm day. Our friends from Windsor, Ontario, Bill and Sue Robinson are arriving to join us today. We hadn’t seen them since the early spring so we were looking forward to catching up with them. We enjoy our “Happy Hours” together which are a daily occurrence. Gary and Jody from Saskatchewan who were also camping at AGM also joined us for our happy hour which started early today. We had dinner with Bill and Sue, Taco’s which were delicious.

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