Lake Havasu City, Arizona

January 10, 2020

Bill, Sue, Steve and myself packed up and headed out from Quartzsite at 10:43 am. to head to Cattail State Park which is 10 miles south of Lake Havasu City. We are staying in the overflow at the state park before heading to the Rodeo Grounds in Havasu for the Annual Xscapers Bash. Our friends Pam and Ray are camped at a site in the park and the plan is after dumping our tanks and getting fresh water to all leave together. The day was another beautiful clear, cool and windy day. We stopped in Parker and Walmart for groceries on I95 which is on the way to Lake Havasu City. One of the theme nights at the Bash is neon, so we picked up some shirts and neon gadgets at the Dollar Store across from Walmart.

We arrived at Cattail State Park around 1:30 pm. It is a lovely small state park on the Colorado River. The cost is $20.00 a night for dry camping in the overflow which includes dumping and water. Bill, Sue, Steve and I went for a small hike and explored the park. We met up with Ray and Pam and decided not to have a campfire after dinner because it was pretty chilly.

January 11, 2020

We left Cattail State Park at 9:57 am. after waiting for Pam and Ray to dump their tanks and take on fresh water so we could all head together to the Rodeo Grounds and The Bash. We were all in the solar section so we didn’t have to listen to generators and wanted to be parked all together. It was a 10 minute drive to the Rodeo Grounds from the State Park. The parking at the Bash was great, our section was right near the entrance so it was easy access to leave if you had to go anywhere. Bills and Sue’s truck was leaking fluid so after they set up they headed to the local dealership to drop it off. Steve and I picked them up and brought them back to their trailer. When you arrive at the Bash there is a desk where you register and are given your name tags with your Xscaper I.D. number and a t shirt and Xscaper cup for drinks. You are also given an itinerary for the week. Tonight is the 80’s prom which I am really excited about!! I brought a dress to wear and brought Steve a mullet. I scoped out our group to see how many people brought a dress and so far no one has so Steve and I may be the only one dressed up. At 4 o’clock we went to the Rodeo stands for a briefing from JP our Bash Director and to get our pictures taken. There are more than 450 rigs here with double that amount of people so it sure is an impressive site for our picture. I didn’t dress up for the briefing but some people did so I am going to dress up for the dance.

The dance was a blast with great music and lots of people dressed in Prom attire. Some dressed up just in 80’s outfits as well. Steve and I danced the night away!!! I never went to my Prom when I was in high school so now I could say I went to a prom!! After the dance there was a massive campfire and a techno D.J. which was elaborate, loud and fun!! Both Steve and I had a blast!!!

January 12, 2020

Today was another sunny, cool day in paradise!!! Steve and I stood in line for breakfast burritos which we thought were free but turned out to be $5.00 each. At 1 o’clock Bill, Sue, Steve and myself went to a Bloody Mary throw down where you just have to bring your own vodka. But, like last year, there is lots of free vodka flowing around. Beside the tomato juice there are lots of garnishes for your drinks, like shrimp, sliders, every vegetable you can think of and more!! It was a meal in a drink!! A local, to us, from Orangeville, Ontario, band called Wicked Truth was playing in the band stand and they were great!!

Wicked Truth from Orangeville, Ontario

At 5:00 there was a block party for each section at the Bash within our own group to meet and mingle. We ended the evening with a “clam party” with our own peeps. There were two clams set up on in the other clams Arlo played his guitar and sang. What a fantastic day!!!

January 13, 2020

Today was a sunny and cool day with temperatures rising to 70 degrees. Pomises to be a beautiful day with light winds. Today is Margarita tasting and our Tiki party. Dinner will be from local food trucks. Bill, Sue, Steve and I went into town for Tiki party stuff. The Dollar Store had nothing but Hobby Lobby had some great things and we were able to purchase things to wear. The food trucks were mediocre but the real hit of the night was the Corn Dog truck which had a massive line up. The band at the band shell was the Status Crowes, who are fellow Xcapers and have a huge following among the RV community. What a great evening. Today I also hula hooped and went for a 2 mile walk.

January 14, 2020

Today was another beautiful, sunny, cool day. Last year at this time we had lots of rain and overcast sky’s and when you are powered by solar you appreciate the sunny days. At 10:15 this morning we are meeting 24 other Xscapers for a bike ride into Lake Havasu City and lunch at Barley Brothers Restaurant and Brewery where they serve award winning IPS’s. I was stressed and nervous of the bike ride because it is all down hill and a 13 mile round trip. The ride to the restaurant was fantastic on a paved bike trail that mirror’s the interstate. It was my first time on a long trip on my ebike and I handled it beautifully. Steve’s bike does not have assist and he helped other bikers who also didn’t have assist. It is amazing how many ebikes people have. Barley Brother’s food is amazing and reasonably priced. Steve and I shared a beef dip sandwich with fries but had our own house IPA. Bill had a mushroom chicken soup that was fantastic.

Barley Brother’s Restaurant and Brewery!!

The ride back to the Rodeo grounds for people with ebikes was awesome even though it was all up hill. It took me and the ebike group about 45 minutes to return. Steve and the other bikers arrived about a half hour behind us. I must admit, me passing Steve with my peddle assist was a wonderful feeling, as I waved good bye to him with this huge smile on my face!! I know that sounds a little mean, but he ALWAYS rides a head of me, so being a head of him for once was quite satisfying!!! LOL

When we returned to the RV we sat around in the sun for a while before taking Bill and Sue to the dealership to pick up their truck. Because the guys had consumed quite a bit of beer over the course of the afternoon, I drove everyone with Steve telling me how to drive the entire way whether I wanted him to or not!! We didn’t get lost and got back to the RV safely. The evening brought us more beer, free, sponsored by Campendium and we watched the Olympics where our fellow RV’ers compete at games to try and be the best!!! Another fantastic day and evening!!!

Steve and I enjoying the free beer!! Thank you Campendium!!

January 15, 2020

I know I have said this everyday so far but, today is shaping up to be another beautiful clear sunny, cool day with highs to 70 degrees. Tonight through camp is a progressive pub crawl through the Xscapers RV’s. We are solar so we do dessert. I have decided to make Canadian Butter Tarts. It was quite the fiscal!! First I couldn’t find pastry tart shells so I had to make them, then the sauce bubbled out of the tarts so I couldn’t get them out of the pan. I had to then start again with more pastry. But in the end it all worked out and the tarts were awesome and a huge hit. The progressive evening started out in Lower General with cocktails!! We followed JP our Bash director with loud music and a parade from section to section. The appetiser’s where in Upper General, then fingers foods and last Solar with desserts!! What a fantastic evening!!

Pictured with JP our Xcapers Director who starts our progressive dinner parade.

January 16, 2020

Today was another fantastic sunny day with temperatures in the high 60’s to low 70’s. Today is a low key day on the Bash schedule. I think everyone is recovering from our progressive dinner the night before!! Tonight we did attend the Mac and Cheese contest where you get to sample everyone who participates Mac and Cheese and vote on who you think is the best. Mac and Cheese is one of my favourite so this will be a fantastic night!!! There is also entertainment in the big tent with “The Newly Wed Game” and anyone who would just like to showcase there talent on stage to the audience.

The Newly Wed Game and some fellow Xcapers singing.

January 17, 2020

The temperature today is consistent with the week so far, beautiful day. Exercised with my hula hoop and Steve and I walked 3 miles on the trail beside the Rodeo grounds. I cleaned the fridge and chopped vegetables. I made a chili, guacamole and salsa for chili nacho’s for dinner with Bill and Sue. After dinner we went to the Guacamole Throwdown contest in the big tent. Another favourite of mine. Tonight the entertainment is duelling piano’s and these guys are fantastic. They get the audience to request songs and then take turns playing them. There isn’t any song they can’t play!!! It was fantastic!!

Pictures of all the RV’s at the Rodeo Grounds, Lake Havasu City for the annual bash!!

The top two pictures are from our hike!! The other pictures are of our duelling piano evening.

January 18, 2020

Sunny and warm again today. Today a group of us hiked Sara Crack. It is right across the road from the Rodeo grounds and is a 6 mile round trip hike that follows a natural wash to the Colorado River and back. The scenic trail passes through one of the most famous slot canyons on the lower Colorado River. This is the second time Steve and I have done this hike and it is fantastic!!

Later in the day Bill, Sue, Steve and I went to a convergence seminar being offered in the big tent. We are all thinking of hosting a convergence in Ontario, maybe Niagara Falls in the upcoming years. For the evening we attended a barbecue with pulled pork, pulled chicken or beef sandwiches with potatoe salad and coleslaw. At 6:00 pm. the Wicked Truth hit the stage again and Neon night began!! The costumes were fantastic!!! What an incredible time we had!!!

Another Bash over!! What a fantastic week!!

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