Bouce, Arizona

January 19, 2020

We pulled out of the Rodeo Grounds at about 9:20 am. We were heading into Parker to stop at Walmart to grocery shop before heading to Bouce and Plomosa Road to boondock with Bill, Sue, Pam, Ray and friends. Our first stop before that was Cattail State Park where we paid $15.00 to dump our tanks and get fresh water. The spot we are staying on Plomosa Road is the same spot we had stayed a few years earlier with the Boondockers, another Escapee group. This is actually Steve’s favourite spot on Plomosa Road. I prefer closer to I95 but he likes it here. There are less people, it is more scenic and more places to hike. It is 6 miles West of Bouce at mile marker 11.5. Bouce itself doesn’t have a lot, a couple of restaurants we have never tried and a small grocery store. It does have a historical post office which is interesting to check out. There is a great Farmer’s Market on Thursday and Fridays with great food and good prices.

January 20 – 24, 2020

The group of us who hung out at this site were Bill, Sue, Pam, Ray, Chris, Shannon, Arlo, Lisa, Justin, Macky, Trish, Dan, Lisa, Lori, Mitch, Davey and Nicki, a wonderful and fun group of people.

We had a few days of overcast sky’s which isn’t good for solar but things were low key as we were all recovering from the Bash. Just daily “happy hour’s” which was fun and a movie here and there. Bill, Sue, Steve and I were labelled as “The Canadian’s” in our group.

The RV Show is on this week in Quartzsite so Bill, Sue, Steve and I went to check it out and see if there was anything new. Chris and Shannon had been there the day before and purchased new ebikes. On our way to Quartzsite on Plomosa Road you pass the BLM land where most RV’s boondock. It was packed!! It actually looked like a very crowded RV park instead of it’s normal open spaces. The RV Show was the same as normal, not a lot of booths with RV related items, mostly things to sell you like back pain remedies, food prep, jewellery. But sometimes you do find something useful and it is interesting with lots of people supporting it. After the show, the four of us went to Silly Al’s for pizza. It was packed too, but we got a seat fairly quickly but it took more than an hour to get our pizza’s, which was totally worth it.

Pictured above is the crowded BLM Land on Plomosa Road and the bottom pictures of the well attended RV Show.

Our last few days were beautiful, sunny and warm. We went to the Bouce Farmers Market to pick up some fresh vegetables and when we got back just hung out and enjoyed the area. We went for lots of walks, hikes and bike rides. It was a great week!!

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