Yuma, Arizona

January 24, 2020

We left Bouce at 10:40 am. heading to Yuma, Arizona to check in for a week at Fortuna D’Oro RV Resort. Bill and Sue had been there before and highly recommended it. We followed them to the resort as we were going to spend the week together. The weather is fantastic, mid 70’s with total sunshine. Once we arrived we checked, set up and the four of us headed to the pool for a swim and happy hour. You can buy drinks at the pool bar for $2.00 each. After dinner we did laundry which we hadn’t done in awhile, at this time of the night there were lots of machines open.

Fortuna D’Oro Happy Hour with incredible sunsets!!

January 25, 2020

I have still be exercising with my hula hoop everyday. The park is huge and basically a city within it’s wall. There is a golf course, hair stylist, restaurant, two pools, tennis, pickle ball as well as every class you would want to join and activity!! If you walk the perimeter of the park it is 2 miles. I walked this everyday while Steve road his bike. On one of my walks I met a lovely lady, Cindy from British Columbia who joined me on my walk. There are lots of Canadian’s here. The day is gorgeous so after cleaning the trailer and putting the laundry away we all headed to the pool.

January 26 – 30, 2020

Our week in Foruna D’Oro was fantastic. The weather was perfect 75 degrees, sunny and we swam everyday. By the end of the week, it was windy but very warm. We golfed on Thursday, 9 holes. I am not that great and Steve gave me lots of great pointers. I did have some half decent shots while Steve had great shots. Mind you I finished the game with my same ball and Steve lost his after one of his shots ricocheted off of a tree. Bill and Sue were great golfers and did well. We rented golf carts even though the course wasn’t that big and it was fun but I was very glad we only played 9 rounds!! I can’t imagine doing 18!!

January 29th was my birthday and with Bill and Sue, we went into Yuma to a Mexican Restaurant to celebrate. The food was good, not great as we have had better but it was a nice!! We met our neighbours from Alaska parked beside us, who turned out to be fellow Xcapers and the four of us had happy hour with them. The weather was perfect and we loved the park, it is definitely a place you could stay at long term if you didn’t want to travel around. Lots of things to do with great people!!

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