Heading Home due to a Pandemic

March 30, 2020

We left Quartzsite, Arizona at 8:33 am. heading towards I40 North of Lake Havasu City. The plan was to stop for the night in Winslow, Arizona but we decided to just keep driving and get farther towards home.

March 31, 2020

Woke up and left the Flying J at 7:24 am. in Tucumcari, New Mexico. There was RV spots so we didn’t have to sleep in with the truckers. We arrived at 9:45 pm. the night before. It was a long day driving yesterday.

Just for future reference, at Exit 157 off of I40 just west of Williams on Devil Dog Road there is boondocking in the Kaibab National Forest. When we passed this time there was no RV’s parked.

West of Albuquerque on I40 in New Mexico there are lots of Casino’s with RV parking for $18.00 a night. Of course this drive home with the pandemic, all Casino’s were closed.

April 1, 2020

Left the Flying J at 7:00 am. in Sullivan, Missouri at Exit 226 off I40. Here there were RV spots but the RVs were louder than the truckers with the generator’s running. We did get a quiet spot in front of Denny’s as it was also closed and only had takeout. We arrived at this site late the night before. There is also a Walmart at this exit for future reference.

We stopped at a Walmart prior to getting to the border to stock up on our groceries so we could quarantine well stocked for our two weeks.

We decided to cross the border in Detroit because Peter and Patricia had done it the day before with no problems. Not so lucky for us. The young female border security guard had us turn off our vehicle and read us the riot act on why we were coming home two weeks later than the other 200,000 Snow birds that had already returned. We had to give our drivers licence, phone numbers, email addresses and we were told to go straight home and do not stop. The good news in all of this was she didn’t ask us how much booze we had on us as we were a bottle or two over what we are supposed to bring back. The borders are always a worry to me. Steve seems to not be affected by them.

April 2, 2020

We left the Onroute in Dutton, Ontario off of the 401 at 8:27 am. to head home. Our plan was to not arrive home in the dark but by noon so we could park the trailer in the daylight. We arrived safely and surprisingly there was more cars on the 401 than on any of the interstates we used to travel home. Lots of truckers, which was expected.

Now two week quarantine starts. Thankful to be home. Fantastic trip, we had a blast, met great friends and look forward to catching up with everyone again next year!!!

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