Borrego Springs – Wrap up

March 15, 2018

We left Borrego Springs so I’m putting up some pictures that weren’t put into specific activity entries.

A few from the Salton Beach area.

Some night sky and sunset pictures. The small motorhome belongs to Kathie and Rick from BC who drover over from Desert Hot Springs to spend a few nights boondocking with us.









Borrego Springs – Coyote Canyon

March 13, 2018

North of the town of Borrego Springs is Coyote Canyon. It is accessed by driving off the north end of Di Giorgio Rd. The trail is mostly a sandy surface and no problem to travel with a 2WD vehicle. Some spots have large rocks that need to be taken slow but we never needed to use 4WD. The Chev 3500 SRW is better for trail driving than the Ford F350 DRW we had last year. The trails we’ve driven this year and narrow enough at points that the mirrors hit bushes, with the dually we’d have lots of desert rash on the rear fenders.

We drove as far as the 3rd creek crossing. I could have crossed over it but we decided to turn around at that point.

The plant life up in the canyon was starting to bloom. The ocotillo’s had leaf growth on the stems and flowers on top.


Borrego Springs – Hellhole Canyon

March 8, 2018

On the outskirts of Borrego Springs is a hike up through Hellhole Canyon to Maidenhair Falls. The trail starts at a parking lot off the side of S22. The first part of the trail is easy to follow as you hike up the wide canyon entrance.

Further up as the canyon narrows the trail becomes poorly defined and with hikers going various ways over the years there are lots of paths, many of them don’t work out or cross back over others.

After about 2.5mi of hiking Jane decided that she had gone far enough and as there was another couple there she decided to sit while I climbed on further to see if I could find the falls. The hike became more of a climb as I scrambled over large rocks, jumped gaps between them and just generally picked random directions. I tried climbing along the canyon wall which worked for a bit until I’d come to a 30′ drop and have to back track. I’d gone about 0.5mi further on when Jane phoned and said she was going back down with the other people so I turned and headed back myself. It was quicker travelling back downhill.


The descriptions I found indicated that there was a flowing falls and water pool. With the lack of rain there were no falls and the only running water was a trickle under the palm trees. The ferns on the rock slope are where the waterfall is supposed to be, when there has been rain. The bones are a deer that fell victim to a mountain lion.

We survived another one. Jane with no damage, me with scratched and bleeding legs from scrambling over the rocks and through the bushes. 🙂



Borrego Springs – Clark Dry Lake Bed

March 7, 2018

We took a drive to the north of where we are camped. The roadway was bumpy and led to the Clark Dry Lake bed below the boondocking area. Either had to drive slow enough to not shake the truck on the bumps or fast enough to skip over them. Fast seemed to work better for the most part.

There is the remnants of an old quarry on the edge of the lake bed. Also an old dirt runway used to cross the lake. We drove around to the back side of the lake bed and headed further in toward the mountains. Not knowing what hiking trails were back there we turned around and worked our way back. Looks like there is a hike out to some pictographs at the base of the mountains so we may drive back down there again if we get the time.

Borrego Springs

March 6, 2018

We arrived in the Borrego Springs area on March 5th after leaving Desert Hot Springs. After a short walk around the Rockhouse Rd boondocking area we got ourselves setup on the south side. Door is facing the south so if I need to tilt the panels I won’t need to relocate the trailer. As long as I can get the batteries full by noon I won’t bother tilting them.



Tuesday (the 6th) we drove up through the mountains west of Borrego Springs heading towards Warner Springs. The Pacific Crest Trail passes though the town at about mile 112 from the south end. One of our nephews is starting onto the trail April 4th with the plan to spend the summer hiking north towards Canada. Jane and I hiked about 2mi north of town along the trail. I had taken a beer with me and buried it beside a tree at a rest stop. As long as it isn’t found in the next month then it’ll be there when Nick gets to the area and there is a creek running nearby to chill it.


On the way back to Borrego Springs we pulled off into the primitive camping areas and did a couple of short hikes. We didn’t find the actual spring on the Pena Springs trail as the path we were on led us down below the spring. So many random paths when you start hiking that it’s usually hard to find the correct trail. Figured it was within the trees we could see and when I checked later that’s where it was. Maybe we’ll get back up there before we leave the area and have another go at it. There are some great views as S22 works its way up and over the mountains heading west.



Desert Hot Springs

March 4, 2018

We arrived at Sam’s Family Spa in DHS on February 1st. Haven’t taken the time to put up individual posts of things we’ve done. We have stayed here the past two winters as well so for the most part we hung out with friends and did some of the same things we do each year.

We went down to the Thursday night market in Palm Springs with Kathie & Rick. We had dinner at the Kaiser Grille. Waitress told us the pizza’s were large enough for one person. Not sure if she was trying to fatten us up or just sell more pizza. Each one could have easily fed two of us. A pot boutique is on the main drag there now, to the right side of the picture. We browsed but didn’t buy.


Rick and I rode our bikes up the box canyon across the road. Much easier for him on an e-bike. With the loose sand on the trail it was as much walking as riding. Didn’t get all the way to the top end this time. I did a video of the ride back down. Camera was mounted on my helmet. My WordPress doesn’t have video support so I put it on YouTube.

YouTube Downhill Bike run

The mountains to the west of us got some snow one day but it didn’t last long and the only snow left is at the very peak.



Jane, Kathie & Susan went on a five day cruise out of Los Angeles. The ship went to Catalina Island & Ensenada, Mexico. The girls had a good time. Seems there was an abundance of free food but drinks cost an arm and a leg. The nightly stage shows were very good and great entertainment.

While the girls were away Rick & I decided to see if we could get up Berdoo Canyon Rd. We had attempted it on the long weekend but the south end of the road is used as a free-for-all shooting range and we decided it was unsafe to go past the shooters where the road turns back along the side of one of the ranges. This time we went on a weekday and there were only about four groups firing into the desert. The road was quite rough and a 1T diesel truck isn’t the best for offroad touring.

We encountered a truck with a camper on the back. It was from BC and coming down from the Joshua Tree end of the trail. The guy had his wife walking in front to tell him where to go. They told us they had blown a tire up further the night before and had to spend the night on the trail. The guy’s wife was not impressed by the whole thing.

We made it up as far as Berdoo Camp which was built for use in the construction of the aquaduct from the Colorado River to LA. It was built in the early 30’s and abandoned in 1937. Only concrete slabs and foundations left at this point. Judging by the spent ammunition in the area this part is also popular with the local gun owners.

On the way back out of Berdoo Canyon I pulled over where 3 guys had an array of guns out and were shooting at targets. We talked with them for about 30 minutes and they asked if we’d like to try a couple of the guns they had there. After a quick usage description (I do have an FAC) we took a half dozen shots with an AR15 & AK47. It was fun, not something I can easily do back home.


Jane and I made another hike up the mountains across the road to the two flags peak. We’ve done this hike a number of times in the past two years of coming here. Just couldn’t get a picture without a flag growing out of the top of my head for some reason.

We also hiked to the top of the same box canyon I rode my bike up. We’ve done this hike a few times in each of the last two years as well.

Planning to leave here on Mar 5th and head down to Borrego Springs for a bit. After that we’ll be watching the weather to see if we can get up to northern Arizona and into Utah without freezing our butts off.