Bouse, AZ

After leaving Desert Hot Springs we first went to the Quartzsite side of the Plomosa Mtns. The second day we were there a group with ATV’s setup right near us so we took a drive to the east side of the mountains to scout locations. We found a new site and moved the trailer. The new location was down past a large group at the end of a trailway.

As we pulled down past the group one of the members asked if we were with the Escapees Boondocking group. Turns out this was one of their get-togethers. We were invited up to their happy hours and evening camp fires. A great group of people and we ended up joining the Escapees which we had considered in the past but never got to doing.

With the moon out of the evening sky I did some more night sky photography.

The desert flowers were coming out with the hot days. Great area for hiking across the desert and I managed to get in 3-4mi each day.

The area was used for various types of military training during WW2. The tracks in the desert look to be from a tank as they are too wide for a truck at 10ft. The crumpled steel is practice bombs that impacted the ground.

There has been a lot of mining here in the past and I came across an abandoned mine shaft that was used for copper mining.



Desert Hot Springs (JTNP)

With Shawn here for the week we decided to visit Joshua Tree National Park again.

Kathie & Rick came with us and Patricia & Peter met us there and brought along Gus & Rita.

They were coming from Hemet so were a bit longer than us arriving at the visitor center. We decided to take a detour to PioneerTown on our way up. Wasn’t anything going on there.Must be more of a weekend attraction. We strolled around, took some pistures and headed off for JTNP.

Next stop was the JTNP Visitor Centre where we paid for our gate entries and picked up some information. By paying the fees at the centre we skipped the lineup at the park gate.


Our first destination was Hidden Valley where we hiked the loop and had a tailgate lunch.

From Hidden Valley we drove to Keys View. This point overlooks the Coachella Valley. On a clear day you can see Salton Sea but it was hard to make out on this trip due to the haze.

From here we went off to have a look at Skull Rock. We drove through Jumbo Rocks CG on the way as that was where we parked last year for the hike to Skull Rock. It was very busy and there was no parking so we ended up parking out on the road. We had brought camping gear with us this winter but it doesn’t look like we’ll have time to get in a night of camping as we’re headed back to Quartzsite at the beginning of March. After hiking around the rocks across the road from the campground most of the group decided to return to the truck leaving Shawn & I to hike the rest of the way over to Skull Rock. We walked/jogged back to the truck after taking some pictures there.

Heading back to Desert Hot Springs I saw a pickup truck at the side of the road for sale. I’m looking for a project vehicle and the southwest has candidates that are in better shape. Right vintage, wrong configuration. This one was a C20 LB, I’d rather have a C10 SB.


Desert Hot Springs , cont’d

We’ve been keeping busy here in the Palm Springs area. Went for a bike ride with Kathie & Rick in the NW part of Pam Springs to tour the mid-century modern homes. Came upon a photo shoot for what looked like an advertising project as they had models sitting in a convertible in front of a “Welcome to Palm Springs” sign.



At one point this was Lily Tomlin’s house.


This house is where Elvis spent a year including his honeymoon.


Shawn, our youngest son, flew into LAX on Saturday. We spent a bit of time on the beach and in Santa Monica before heading back to Desert Hot Springs.

Large waves were hitting the beach. I was waiting for a large wave to break behind Shawn and didn’t notice one coming in. We both got wet feet 🙂



We made another trip up the mountain across the road. This time with Shawn.

On Family Day/Presidents Day we made a driving tour of the Salton Sea with Kathie & Rick.

Shawn got to see the beach makeup on the east side of the sea when we stopped at the park information center.


We drove out to Slab City and toured through Salvation Mountain. Quite the art installation.

After some wrong turns and misdirections we found ourselves at the end of a muddy road behind one of the thermal power plants at the south end of the sea. We trekked across a muddy field to look at the mud pots bubbling away. If you wanted a full mud bath or facial this might be the place to come for the mud.


We continued the trip heading down to Brawley and then east on 78 until we got to the viewpoint area midway across the Imperial sand dunes. With it being a long weekend the dunes were heavily tracked and there were lots of sand buggies and ATV’s running around the dunes.

Shawn and I tried sliding down one of the steeper dunes on a piece of cardboard but that failed miserably. We did end up having fun and getting some exercise though.


After we’d had fun at the dunes and some lunch we headed off for Borrego Springs.

We stopped at some of the sculptures we hadn’t seen before and also the ones that we’d seen but Kathie and Rick hadn’t seen when they were out this way.

On our way back home we drove through the boondocking area on Rockhouse Rd. We had thought we might come out here after Sam’s but now we are planning on going back to Quartzsite before heading up into Arizona and Utah.

We stopped along the highway at the badlands where Shawn and I climbed down in a bit to get some better pictures. Jane wasn’t impressed as she doesn’t like heights or us getting near the edge of big drop offs.


Desert Hot Springs  

Still hanging out in DHS with great friends and good times.  🙂 

Dinner at an Italian supper club with the group. 

We have been rotating dinners between us all.  Saturday before SuperBowl we had 10 of us in our trailer for fajitas and margaritas. We watched the SuperBowl mostly for the half time show but the second half of the game was good too. 

Been spending the days at the pool and hot spas. Getting in some hiking too. 

Yesterday was music in the park and a few of our friends were playing. 

Tuesday we’re doing Valentine’s Day brunch. Shawn flys into LAX on Saturday,  staying for 10 days.  We plan to make a few day trips to show him the area. 

Desert Hot springs

We left Quartzsite on Friday the 13th and headed to Desert Hot Springs. Along I10 we ran through a dust storm that was later followed by a rain storm as we got to the southern side of Joshua Tree NP.

We made a short stop along the way to check out Desert Center. An interesting place that had seen its heyday many years before. This site has some great information on Desert Center Places That Were

After some wet driving to Sam’s Family Spa we got ourselves setup in a site and went off to visit and catch up with friends.

We have done a couple of hikes up to the flags across the road, once with Vince & Susan, once just Jane and I. The weather isn’t as hot as last year but the swimming pool and hot pools have been great.


Quartzsite Pt 3

Sunrises and sunsets in the desert bookend relaxing days of hiking and reading. Jane and I enjoy this area a lot. 

Met a couple nearby that come down from Oregon. They took us out for a few hours touring the washes and top side of town in their four seater SxS. Maybe we need one of these toys 🙂 

Drove up to the Bouse Fisherman intaglio and walked in from the parking area. If there wasn’t a picture in front showing the layout it’d be tough to pick out the parts. 

We went further towards Bouse (rhymes with house)  to an off road  trail entry but I had no visions of a dually crawling around tight corners so we walked in a bit and I scrambled up a hill to get a better view. Jane stayed down on the trail.