Heading Home due to a Pandemic

March 30, 2020 We left Quartzsite, Arizona at 8:33 am. heading towards I40 North of Lake Havasu City. The plan was to stop for the night in Winslow, Arizona but we decided to just keep driving and get farther towards home. March 31, 2020 Woke up and left the Flying J at 7:24 am. in […]

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Quartzsite, Arizona

March 27, 2020 We leave Sam’s at 10:13 am. saying goodbye to Shannon and Chris and promising to keep in touch and definitely get together next year. We will cross our fingers that the world get’s back to normal. March 28 – 29, 2020 We spend two and half days at Quartzsite hiking the area […]

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American Girl Mines Again

January 31, 2020 Bill, Sue, Steve and I left Fortuna D’Oro at 11:28 am. heading to American Girl Mines on Interstate 8, west of Yuma in Winterhaven, California. This drive takes us about half an hour. We are hooking back up with our Xcaper friends Pam and Ray, they have been here at AGM for […]

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Yuma, Arizona

January 24, 2020 We left Bouce at 10:40 am. heading to Yuma, Arizona to check in for a week at Fortuna D’Oro RV Resort. Bill and Sue had been there before and highly recommended it. We followed them to the resort as we were going to spend the week together. The weather is fantastic, mid […]

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Bouce, Arizona

January 19, 2020 We pulled out of the Rodeo Grounds at about 9:20 am. We were heading into Parker to stop at Walmart to grocery shop before heading to Bouce and Plomosa Road to boondock with Bill, Sue, Pam, Ray and friends. Our first stop before that was Cattail State Park where we paid $15.00 […]

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona

January 10, 2020 Bill, Sue, Steve and myself packed up and headed out from Quartzsite at 10:43 am. to head to Cattail State Park which is 10 miles south of Lake Havasu City. We are staying in the overflow at the state park before heading to the Rodeo Grounds in Havasu for the Annual Xscapers […]

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Quartzsite, Arizona

January 5, 2020 We left American Girl Mines at 8:20 am. we had full sun and the promise of another great day. We followed Bill and Sue into Yuma where the were picking up their couch and chairs they had recovered at a business in the Yuma Flea Market. Steve and I walked around the […]

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