Heading Home

We left Winslow on Sunday March 20th to start our trip home.  Taking Interstate 40 which parallels with historic Route 66 for part of our trip.  It was interesting seeing some of the old and abandoned buildings that I am sure were booming when Route 66 was the primary route.  After many hours of driving we stopped east of Amarillo, Texas at a Flying J for the night.  Our trip through New Mexico was beautiful!!!  The beautiful landscape was breathtaking through most of the state.  Our next stop was in Sullivan, Missouri just west of St. Louis for the night at another Flying J.  We were up by 6 oclock the next morning to start the trip home.  Our only hickup was a few miles from the border in Detroit, Michigan when we encountered an accident on Interstate 75 which put us back by half an hour.  We had no problems crossing the border into Canada, took less than 10 minutes.  The weather forecast for southern Ontario was rain and close to freezing temperatures closer to the GTA.  We were able to make it home by midnight on Tuesday with a light drizzle and fog patches, one day ahead of a winter and freezing rain storm that was to hit southern Ontario late Wednesday evening.


I can’t say enough about this trip, it was amazing!!  I am sure we will be talking about it for a long time!!  Saw so much beauty and met the most amazing people and met some new friends!!!  I am excited to plan our trip for next year.  Thank you Steve for your amazing driving, setting up and parking of the trailer and the suggestions for our beautiful locations!!  I could never have done it without you!!


Winslow Arizona

We left Quartzsite heading to Winslow, Arizona on March 19th stopping at Monolovi Ruins State Park for the night.  We took Hwy. 60 and travelled through a lovely town called Wickenburg which in future trips we would like to explore.  We then headed north on 17 to I40, the elevation is quite high heading this way and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees.  After checking in at the State Park we went into Winslow and stood on the street corner made famous by the Eagles song “Take It Easy”.  It was fairly busy with lots of people doing the same thing we were.  Route 66 is the main street in Winslow but the town itself didn’t have much.  Lots of abandoned building, a bit of a deserted town.  There was a lovely memorial at the street corner in honour of Glen Frey from the Eagles who passed away this year.

Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see.  There’s a girl my Lord, in a flat bed Ford slowing down to take a look at Steve!!!! LOL


Quartzsite, AZ

Sunday, the day before leaving Sam’s Family Spa RV Resort we did the 4.5 mile round trip hike up Two Flag’s mountain with Doug and Joanne, a couple we met from Calgary Alberta.   I found it easier this time, maybe it was the company or maybe because I had done it before I knew what to expect.  It was beautiful!!!!

At Quartzsite we stayed in a different BLM land then our last trip.  This one is within view of the Plomosa Mountains off Plomosa Road.  It is beautiful and peaceful.


We took a trip to Lake Havasu City for the day.  The flowing waters of the Colorado River and the surrounding mountain side were amazing!!  It took just over an hour from our campsite winding through the mountainous train following the river.

Buckskin Mountain State Park is beautiful and right on the river just off Hwy. 95 before Lake Havasu City, I would like to check out for next year.  There was also a Resort called Havasu Springs offering $10.00 RV full hookups which looked pretty good. Any feedback on either would be appreciated.

While in Lake Havasu City we had a burger at Barley Brother’s Brewery and had a couple of in-house craft beers.  The food was great, all homemade and reasonably priced.  We parked at Rotary park which was free and toured the beach side crossing over the London Bridge.  This is definitely a tourist area with lots of boats, music, beaches and action for both young and older.


London Bridge in Lake Havasu City!!



Desert Hot Springs, CA (p3)

Dinner out at Woody’s Burgers on North Palm Canyon Road in Palm Springs.  Excellent burgers and live Jazz music every night.  Pictured are our friends, Rick, Andy, Laura, Bruce, myself, Steve, Kathy who we met at Sam’s Spa Resort and Rose, our talented Jazz singer who entertained us this evening.  Excellent company, excellent food and excellent music!!!   Picture taken by Stephan who was visiting from Germany!!


Desert Hot Springs, CA (p2)

We  did a bike ride around the NW area of Palm Springs to check out some of the post-modern architecture.


Hiking Whitewater Preserve about 4 miles.  Covered .8 mile of the Pacific Coast Trail!!

A ride up Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, up Mt. San Jacinto State Park into 14000 acres of wilderness and beauty!!



We visited 1000 Palms Oasis Preserve which is located at the foot of Indio Hill on the north side of the Coachella Valley.  The wonderful fan palm paradise is situated over the famed San Andreas fault-line.  The fault forces underground spring waters up to the surface.  From the visitor centre to the McCallum Oasis it is about a 2 mile, well marked walk round trip.  The McCallum Oasis was beautiful with it’s palm lined pool in the middle of the desert!!


We took a trip with some friends from British Columbia we met at Sam’s to Idyllwild which is one of the 100 Best Small Art’s towns to visit in America.  It has an elevation of 5,413 feet and is part of the mile high club!!  It is in the heart of the San Jacinto Mountains and it’s windy road up the mountain hugging rock faces and back down is worth the trip.  There are breathtaking views of the Coachella Valley below at different lookout points and if the sky is clear you can also see the Salton Sea. We stopped at a little restaurant called Paradise Valley with fantastic food and wonderful live jazz music performed by a local older gentleman.  Avoid the coffee, it is horrible!!

Air Force One with President Obama came to Palm Springs International Airport in February.  Steve and I lucked out with seeing Air Force One and the Sultan of Brunei’s Boeing 747-430 also parked at the airport.


Air Force One

Desert Hot Springs, CA (p1)

We travelled from the Joshua Tree National Park to Desert Hot Springs just north of Interstate 10. Our home for the next 4 weeks is Sam’s Family Spa RV Resort and Spa, an oasis in the desert on the outskirts of Desert Hot Springs. Sam’s is built on over 50 acres of the desert with underground mineral hot springs that are naturally heated and pumped from underground wells into the constantly flowing therapeutic pools. The beauty of Sam’s spa’s is the therapeutic pool’s water are changed everyday and they do not use chlorine in the spa’s pools. The views around us are spectacular, from the oasis of palm tree’s within the resort, to the desert with it’s mountain’s on one side, to the snow covered Mount St. Jacinto on the other. Sam’s is a family owned business and the staff are very nice and helpful. We have met some wonderful people from Canada and the United States staying at the park.

The resort is surrounded by hiking trails into the desert. Across the road there is a hike called “Two Flags Mountain”, up on one of the peaks there are rock piles with Canadian and American flags. The hike is about a 4.5mi round trip with spectacular views of the surrounding area as well as a wonderful view of the desert. Going up and down the mountain is a little tricky because of the loose rock. This is not a novice hike but is definitely worth the trip. Steve had already done the hike once himself but I made it to the top with him the second time.

Two Flags Mountain, Desert Hot Springs


During our stay we have visited Palm Springs VillageFest which is held from 6 – 10 on Thursday evenings where they shutdown N Palm Canyon Drive. There are lots of people, vendors, entertainment, food and music. Lot’s of fun and lot’s to see!!

N Palm Canyon Drive which is considered downtown Palm Spring’s designer district offers a vast collection of mid- century modern retailers and homes, fashion boutiques, consignment dealers, art galleries and antique shops.


Joshua Tree NP, CA

We headed from Salton Sea to Joshua Tree National Park and because of the size of our trailer, we spent 4 nights boondocking outside the southern park entrance  It was spectacular!!  At this point I would have to say that the Joshua Tree has to have the most beautiful rock formations that I have seen so far.  Breath taking!!!  We did a few of the hikes in Joshua Tree.  We got to see the Joshua Tree’s and it’s wonderful vegetation.  We saw rock climbers and the camping (for smaller RV’s) is spectacular!!  You camp right in the rocks and these rocks are massive!!!! Joshua Tree State Park is surrounded by mountains as well as the Mojave and Colorado Desert.  The sunsets were amazing as well as the star studded nights.  We could see right in front of our trailer the Orocopia Mountains and we were within one mile of Camp Young which was where General Patton trained one million soldiers to fight in WWII. (J)



Cottonwood Spring is the campground near the southern park entrance. We hiked  from the area of the spring up to mastodon Peak and then circled back. The black and white picture is an infra-red image taken with a converted Nikon 5700. In the one picture taken from the top of the peak Salton Sea can be seen in the distance.


A 4×4 trail and short hike gets us to the Desert Queen Mine.


We drove to the northern area of the park and hiked Skull Rock area. Up here was where we found the Joshua trees.